Career Profile

I started my career in the world of photography, I really like to capture the moment. I accidentally became a freelace photographer at graduations, pree weddings. Besides that I also design a cake shop logo, make graduation souvenirs and editing photo, before finally I was in the world of programming. The first programming that I learned was web programming. It also started my career in the world of programmers, then I learned java programming language based desktop, and now learn more about mobile programming.


Mobile Developer

PT.Vascomm Solusi teknologi, Indonesia
2016 - Present

I work as a mobile developer, be it android or iOS. for me both have similarities and the same pattern. I use Android Studio to create Android applications with the Java programming language and now use Kotlin. while for ios i use xcode and swift programming language.

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Swift

Web Developer

Inside of Art
2015 - present

Inside of art (IOA) is my initial in freelance. Here I accept projects from design, mobile applications, web applications and artificial intelligence. I use Laravel as the display web and use Node js as the backend. While for my artificial intelligence project using python 3 with the anaconda framework.

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Node Js
  • Python


Here are some applications that I have made for the public. Most of the applications I make are not published because of the order application. Besides the freelance application, I also made a mobile application with the vascomm team. You can see on the website of PT Vascomm Solutions technology

Weather forecast application (WEB) - Weather forecast application is a web-based application, and this application sample is an Indonesian country, so it can only be used for the Indonesian area.
Cake Shop Cashier Application (Desktop) - Is a store application that is based on desktops made with java, and is used in one of the pastry shops in Indonesia
3D Home Garden Design Application (Android) - Is an android-based application, equipped with a list of plants and there is an algorithm to fit the land area of ​​the house.
Bluetooth and HC6 Detection Application (Android) - Is an android-based application to detect Bluetooth around and HC6, where this application can be used to improve the work efficiency of the microcontroller, such as to control other machines

Skills & Proficiency

Java & Kotlin


Javascript & jQuery