Career Profile

I started my career in Photography when I was in college as a photographer preweeding and graduating,Besides that, I also get orders from my friends to make logo designs, design souvenirs. then in the fifth semester I was a PKL at PT Pindad .persero, there I learned a lot about web programming and I stopped in the world of photography to focus on web programming, after finishing PKL I became a freelancer programming while completing my thesis. then I worked at PT. Vascomm is an android developer and is an IOS developer.


IOS Developer

PT.Vascomm Solusi teknologi, Indonesia
2018 - Present

I made an IOS application using Xcode. language the programming is swift, swift is a programming language pretty easy. the feasibility of the application made we use storyboard to make it easier to design the look and connect it with swift class. although according to me designing without using storyboarding is easier. besides that we use POD as media to install libraries from outside, such as useful retrofits to send and receive data from the backend.

  • Xcode
  • Swift

Android Developer

PT.Vascomm Solusi teknologi, Indonesia
2016 - 2017

In making my android application use Android studio. because most applications that I make are applications with basic systems information is more precisely financial technology, although I have made it 2D games and 3D simulations using Android Studio. programming language used are java and kotline languages, although kotline itself is derived from java. and sometimes in large projects we use GIT for facilitate the management of the project.

  • Android Studio
  • Java
  • Kotline
  • Git

Web Developer

Inside of Art
2015 - present

Inside of art (IOA) is my initial in freelance. at time still a freelancer I quite often make web applications, starting from the creation and design of blogs up to the information systems of the shops small. at first in making the information system I used Pure PHP then I use Laravel in making it easier the application. because in my opinion Laravel is the most framework easy to use and complex than others. for design so that it looks interesting I use CSS and Javascript. for sending data and receiving data I use jQuery because it’s more easy.

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery


Here are some applications that I have made. most of the applications that I have created have never been published and are an order application. if there is an opportunity I will publish an application that can be used publicly and also I will share the library that I have created. Besides my freelance application, there are also android and ios applications that I have created, see the PT.Vascomm technology solutions website.

Weather forecast application (WEB) - Weather forecast application is a web-based application, and this application sample is an Indonesian country, so it can only be used for the Indonesian area.
Cake Shop Cashier Application (Desktop) - Is a store application that is based on desktops made with java, and is used in one of the pastry shops in Indonesia
3D Home Garden Design Application (Android) - Is an android-based application, equipped with a list of plants and there is an algorithm to fit the land area of ​​the house.
Spinner Game (Android) - Is a simple game based on Android but with animations that are so interesting
Bluetooth and HC6 Detection Application (Android) - Is an android-based application to detect Bluetooth around and HC6, where this application can be used to improve the work efficiency of the microcontroller, such as to control other machines

Skills & Proficiency

Java & Kotline


Javascript & jQuery



Corel draw & Photoshop